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Events This Week







All meetings are suspended until futher notice. 

If you want any help with anything including DoE please email.

SUBS ARE DUE first meeting back after the holiday - £30 (cheques payable to VESU)
Remember you MUST be a full member of the Souting Association via the Unit in order to participate in the DofE scheme even if you don't attend regular meetings

Duke of Edinburgh Awards
You need to show participation in your award at least every 3 months - i.e. log on or talk to us. You also need to be a member of the Unit by paying subs even if you do not attend regular weekly meetings. We are available at the hut most weeks if you want to use the time to upload evidence or ask for help and advice. 
Please talk to us if you have any queries/ questions or problems - we are here to help.
Karen and Nicky



Young Leader Training
You must complete Module A in order to help with a section. You need to complete a minimum of 2 hours additional training at each level of DofE if you are using Young Leader for the volunteering section. You can choose to complete ALL modules and missions to achieve the Young Leader Belt.

Please keep Karen up to date with your placements with sections ~ it is really important that she is aware of your placements.



For further information about VESU or for general queries please email Viking Explorers